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Sara Tercero | Chef and creator of @bettergoodguru

"Good Old Vegan has been a pillar of vegan society for several years. I am thrilled to see its evolution and can’t wait to see what this platform does for the movement."

Making Veganism Fun & Easy

At Good Old Vegan we believe veganism is the way forward because it is the kindest option for animals, the planet and ourselves.

Yet we know that veganism seems overwhelming and can make you feel like you don't know where to start. You might wonder:

  • What are truly good vegan recipes?
  • How do I get in enough protein?
  • Is veganism really that expensive?
  • How can I be vegan around my family and friends?
  • Should I be taking any supplements?
  • Can veganism actually be healthy?

It's more than common to have these questions. Luckily there is an answer to everything and the solution is often easy.

Your Vegan Community

This community is the place for you to get answers to all your vegan questions by sharing your thoughts, idea's and questions with others! 

Whether you just started eating plant-based or have been a vegan veteran for years. There's something to learn for everyone in our community.

And of course there is more...

Community Benefits

 Free Access to Good Old Vegan eBooks

That's right! In the community you get free and unlimited access to The Best Vegan Recipes, Good Old Mediterranean Recipes and all eBooks to come in the future! 

Incuded are 100 exclusive and delicious recipes. Access them on your phone, tablet or laptop. You will get inspired to cook delicious vegan meals!

 Monthly New Masterclasses

Expand your vegan knowledge with new Masterclasses being released each month! Our first Masterclass explores protein on a vegan diet. Is it even healthy? And how do you get in enough?

And here's the fun part: you get to decide future Masterclass topics! Think of: 

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vegan Health Benefits
  • Being Vegan Around Family
  • Easy Vegan Swaps

The most requested topics will be polled in the community and you get to vote for the next class!

 Active & Kind Vegan Community

Enjoy all the benefits of our thriving private community! It has never been easier to connect and make friends with like-minded people.

It is the place where you can ask and discuss everything that's on your mind with like-minded people and vegan creators. 

Discuss thoughts you have been stuck with forever. For example: What brand of vegan cheese do others enjoy? How do you deal with stubborn family members?

Ask for great recipes or simply share experiences you have to get off your chest.

 Weekly News Round-Ups

We give you an overview of the most interesting vegan news from that week, so you can stay up to date with everything vegan going on in the world.

 Live Cooking Classes and Q&A's

Cook together with the most amazing vegan cooks you already know from Instagram! Brush up your skills in the kitchen and impress your friends with super tasty vegan recipes.

Can't make it live? No worries, you can always rewatch the videos.

Always wondered how you could get in enough protein on a vegan diet? January's Masterclass explores why that should not be a problem. It is already live!

Max Nuiten | Founder of Good Old Vegan

"Turning vegan 4 years ago felt overwhelming, but in reality wasn't difficult at all. That experience turned into a huge desire to tell the world how effortless and enjoyable veganism can be! In this community we bring together like-minded people to share our tips and knowledge on veganism in an enjoyable manner. I'd love to see you on the inside!"

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